How Do I Buy?

You’re ready to BUY a home, but you don’t know where to begin?

It’s easier than you might think!

When it comes to purchasing New Construction Homes built by Equity Homes, Inc., you have two choices:

  1. Purchase your home through Rick Dunlap at Key Real Estate in Sioux Falls. He is the listing agent for all of the new construction homes built by Equity Homes that are located in Westwood Valley 2nd Addition and Sunset Creek Addition.
  2. Purchase your home through a real estate agent you’re already working with who is showing you homes in Westwood Valley 2nd Addition or Sunset Creek Addition.

Naturally, we recommend Choice #1. Purchase a new Equity home direct through Rick Dunlap, if you’re not already working with another real estate agent. Rick has been directly involved with the development and sale of more than 1,400 homes and has the most accurate information on plans, lots and future development. Rick knows new construction and is the listing agent for all new Equity homes in the Westwood Valley 2nd Addn. and Sunset Creek Addn.

Buy Direct!

Buy a new Equity Home direct through Rick Dunlap for the most accurate information on plans, lots and future development, and to learn about Equity Home’s builder incentivesLittle or no money down still available when you purchase an Equity Home through Rick!

7 Steps to Your New Home

Once you’ve decided how to purchase your home, here are the steps you’ll want to follow:

  1. Get pre-approved to purchase a home with a qualified mortgage lender and understand how much you can borrow. Many people find that they can work most easily with their current bank. If you don’t know where to start, just ask us. We work with a number of lenders in the Sioux Falls area and would be happy to recommend a reliable and credible lender who can get you pre-qualified quickly.
  2. Once you’re pre-approved and you know how much you can borrow, it’s time to start shopping. You can review homes for sale on our web site or visit the model homes at Westwood Valley 2nd Addn. or Sunset Creek Addn.
  3. If you haven’t already signed with another Realtor(r) and want to buy your home with Rick, then you’ll need to sign a buyer’s representation agreement with Rick. The agreement essentially states that Rick will be acting on your behalf as the buyer of a home at Westwood Valley 2nd Addn. or Sunset Creek Addn.
  4. Once you’ve picked out your new home, you’ll need to complete and sign a purchase agreement, which we will immediately send on to your lender for processing and formal approval. As your agent, Rick will work with your lender, the title company and others to help you through the process.
  5. With the purchase agreement signed, you’ll be ready for the New Construction Worksheet which will help you select countertops, floor coverings, cabinets, paint colors and other options you might want to include in your new home.
  6. When your home is finished and ready for closing, you’ll do a final walk-through with Rick to address any part of the home that isn’t quite finished or needs additional attention.
  7. At closing, you’ll sign the final paperwork for your home purchase and receive your written Homeowner’s Warranty.